Summer in El Paso Teeth Whitening Specials!

​With summer right around the corner we are offering 50% off all of our Teeth Whitening treatments. This includes 50% off Flashwhite take-home Whitening kits!

Teeth Whitening in El Paso, TX

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Our Zoom! Teeth Whitening procedure will brighten your smile to make you look years younger and more attractive in just an hour. This treatment is safe and can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter. This cutting edge bleaching system uses professional strength teeth whitening gel coupled with a state of the art UV light to remove any discoloration or stains from your tooth enamel. The gel will be meticulously applied to every surface and corner of your teeth to ensure that your teeth are thoroughly whitened. ​

Flashwhite Teeth Whitening Kit

These kits allow you to whiten teeth from the comfort and convenience of your home. They come with a patented UV light tray and 3 tubes of teeth whitening gel. Each gel will take 15 minutes to start to see great results. All 3 gels can brighten your smile up to 7 shades lighter. Whiten all of your teeth on your own time without having to leave your home!

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Hurry, these specials will will only last till the end of August. So come in and take advantage of these deals today! Call us at ​915-500-3643 or schedule an appointment by visiting our Contact page. Our office and clinical staff are professional and friendly. They will answer any questions you have about these specials, dental treatments, insurance and financial options. We can’t wait to brighten your smile!