Have A Dental Emergency?

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Neglecting a dental emergency should never be an option. At Hillside Dental, we proudly address your unexpected dental concerns with the prompt attention you deserve. This not only gets our patients out of pain faster, but it can prevent more serious dental problems from developing.

If you are experiencing pain from abscesses, swollen gums, broken tooth, cavity, or braces please visit our office. Hillside Dental provides emergency dentistry in El Paso, TX.

Have A Dental Emergency? We’re Here To Help

At Hillside Dental, we know that accidents happen. So when they do, you need emergency dental care immediately. That’s why we’re available evenings, weekends, for same-day and next-day appointments. We’ll even stay open late to provide the emergency dental help you need. Whether you’re suffering from an abscessed tooth root, toothache, chipped or cracked tooth, knocked-out tooth, infected gums, or a missing dental crown, we’re here to help—day or night.

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