Oral Health Care Tips for Older Adults

Good oral hygiene and adult dental care are beneficial in preventing some common problems, such as toothaches, gum disease, and tooth loss. Healthy teeth also allow older people to enjoy food more and eat better. In this article, learn why it’s critical to make dental health for adults and the elderly a priority, as well as how you can support your aging loved ones in improving their oral health in El Paso, TX.

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Good Oral Hygiene

Bacteria are kept under control by the body’s natural defenses and good oral health care, such as daily brushing and flossing. Bacteria, on the other hand, can build to dangerous levels if you don’t take care of your teeth. Without appropriate dental hygiene, germs may enter your mouth and cause oral infections such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Brushing and flossing daily will help dislodge food particles that have gotten trapped in your teeth, as well as plaque buildup in areas where your toothbrush can’t reach. Making it more difficult for oral bacteria to cause dental cavities, gum disease, or tooth loss.

Monitor Your Mouth

As you get older, your risk of developing mouth cancer rises. It’s critical to have any changes in your mouth examined immediately.

If you have any of the following symptoms for more than two weeks, see a doctor or dentist::

  • Soreness or discomfort in your mouth, lip, or throat
  • A bulge or a thick area in your mouth, lip, or throat
  • A white or red spot in your mouth
  • Jaw pain, swallowing or moving your jaw or tongue difficulties
  • Numbness in your tongue or mouth
  • Ear pain without hearing loss

Do You Have Dry Mouth?

A dry mouth is marked by a lack of saliva (spit) and makes chewing, swallowing, and talking difficult. It can also lead to tooth cavities and illnesses.

Some medicines may induce dry mouth. It might also occur if you have certain health issues (such as diabetes) or are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer.

While drinking water, brushing, and flossing regularly will help prevent a build-up of bacteria if you have a dry mouth, you should talk with our dentist about any other treatments that may be available.

Hydrate Often

Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of medications which might result in enamel erosion. You can ask your doctor to adjust or change your medicines if necessary, or you may increase your water intake to avoid dry mouth. Water is critical for everyone’s health. The quantity of water you require varies depending on factors such as body weight, energy expenditure, and weather conditions, but the typical recommendation is to consume 64 fl oz of water each day.

Brush Your Teeth Before Bed

While it’s best to brush your teeth both in the morning and at night, brushing immediately before going to sleep is actually more essential. During the day, particles and debris from the food you consume accumulate on your teeth and feed germs.

Saliva shields your teeth from harmful acids while you go about your day. However, as you sleep, your body reduces saliva production, resulting in a dry mouth. At night, saliva levels fall and allow plaque to develop and infect your tooth enamel. If you don’t remove them before going to sleep, they’ll have all night to harm your teeth. This may eventually cause significant damage over time.

Take Calcium Supplements

For older people, taking calcium is critical to their dental health. When we get older, many of us don’t receive enough calcium in our diets. Calcium is crucial for the maintenance of excellent oral health in both children and adults. In particular, older people, particularly those over age 65, need to increase their calcium intake to maintain good dental health.

Osteoporosis is more common in the elderly than in other subsets of the population and can break down the bones around your teeth and be a serious health problem. Calcium intake can help prevent osteoporosis and keep your teeth as strong and healthy as possible by boosting calcium levels in the body.

Consume Less Sugar

Sugary meals and beverages have a corrosive effect on your teeth and can cause cavities and gum disease. If you want to treat yourself to a sweet dessert or have a cup of sweet tea or soda as a special occasion, make sure you clean your teeth right away when you are done.

Link Between Oral Health and Overall Health

For a variety of reasons, good oral health is critical. Gum disease, cavities, or foul breath can all lead to problems with your teeth and mouth. Bacteria can build up and enter our bodies through our mouths. Bacteria can enter our circulation and cause an infection or inflammation in other areas of our bodies.

Taking excellent care of your teeth and mouth may help you stay healthy while also preventing significant problems in the future. At Hillside Dental in El Paso, TX, we encourage our patients to maintain good oral hygiene at home. We also focus on overall health and well-being. Our staff is dedicated to each patient, and maintaining oral hygiene not only keeps your teeth and mouth healthy, but it can also help you maintain a healthy body.

Regular Dental Check-ups

Regular dental checkups are essential since they aid in the maintenance of your teeth and gums. At your dental check-up, our dental specialists will examine the general health of your teeth for any potential problems. During the cleaning, your teeth will be polished by our hygienist and they will also remove any plaque and tartar build-up during the process.

A routine dental exam includes more than simply checking your teeth for decay. During your checkup session, our dentist (or dental hygienist) will most likely look at the health of your gums and run a head, neck, and mouth check for signs of oral cancer, diabetes, or vitamin deficiencies. Don’t be alarmed if our dentist also checks your face, bite, saliva, and jaw movements. You will establish a nice rapport with our dentists by visiting them on a regular basis, which allows them to give tailored advice and assistance over an extended length of time.

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Oral hygiene is critical, no matter your age. By following the tips above you will have a much better chance of keeping your teeth for the rest of your life!