5 Benefits of Dental Sealants

Protect your teeth from decay with dental sealants! These thin plastic coatings are painted on the chewing surfaces of molars, instantly bonding into any pits and fissures to form a protective layer over each tooth’s enamel. Get ahead of cavities and other dental issues by adding this extra layer of preventive care today!

To protect against tooth decay, dental sealants are typically applied to the molars and premolars. This liquid sealant sinks into the grooves of your teeth and is reinforced with ultraviolet light, creating a protective covering over the enamel surface. Put simply: it’s like a shield for your teeth!

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Here are some great benefits to consider when getting dental sealants in El Paso, TX.

How are dental sealants applied?

Dental sealants are not like tooth fillings, so they won’t hurt. The process is actually quite painless since the tooth enamel does not contain any nerve endings. Your dentist will first examine the teeth needing sealing and then proceed to gently remove any minor decay present before cleaning and drying the tooth. After these steps have been completed, they can easily place dental sealants on your child’s teeth!

To ensure optimal adhesion, an etching solution is applied to the surface of the tooth before dental sealants are used. After rinsing and drying the area, a plastic resin is painted on and cured almost instantly with ultraviolet light. Studies have shown that this revolutionary service can protect against up to 80% of cavities in its first year after application!

Benefits of dental sealants:

Dental sealants are an effective way of creating a protective barrier between the surfaces of your teeth and the destructive bacteria that cause cavities. The biting surfaces of molars often have small crevices, which allow bacteria to settle in and damage your enamel. Sealants provide numerous advantages, making them a practical option for preserving one’s smile. Here are six outstanding benefits that dental sealants can offer – take advantage of how your teeth will benefit!

Natural looking

Many individuals put off safeguarding their teeth due to the fear of it being seen. Fortunately, dental sealants are practically unnoticeable; they come in both clear and white colors so your mouth will remain looking natural while still enjoying protection against decay.

Durable and strong

When a dental sealant securely adheres, you don’t need to fret. These protective covers are incredibly strong and will not degrade from regular activities such as chewing or biting while eating. Moreover, they protect against the typical forces of consuming food and won’t require reapplication for several years down the line.

Sealants are suitable for all ages

Contrary to popular opinion, sealants are not just beneficial for children. Although children are typically the most frequent recipients of this treatment, adults can also enjoy its advantages. Older patients’ permanent teeth also contain tiny grooves that must be sealed off in order to ward off bacteria and decay. Sealants provide a practical solution in preserving one’s dental health no matter what age one may be!

Protective shield against plaque and foods

The greatest advantage of dental sealants is that they continuously shield your tooth enamel. Sealants provide an extra layer of protection, blocking plaque and food particles from settling in those hard-to-get areas, such as molars at the back. By sealing up pits and fissures, it guards against severe oral health issues, including cavities, root canals, or crowns down the line.

Pain-free application

Applying dental sealants is an easy and painless process! Your dentist will simply brush a liquid resin onto the surfaces of your teeth with minimal time and effort. After just a few seconds for it to dry, you can rinse off your teeth and be on your way! This quick procedure has immense benefits without any discomfort at all – making dental sealants one of the most effective ways to protect your teeth from decay.

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If you are interested in protecting your teeth with dental sealants, be sure to schedule a consultation with our dentist. We can help you decide if dental sealants are right for you and recommend the best treatment route. With regular check-ups and proper preventive care, you can keep your smile healthy for years to come!  

To maintain optimal oral health, it is important to have your dentist examine sealants for any signs of chipping or wearing during regular dental visits. If needed, our dentist can quickly and easily replace the sealant. Here at Hillside Dental in El Paso, TX, we have experience creating beautiful and healthy smiles. Please call us today at 915-500-3643 to schedule a consultation and let us care for your smile!